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We’ll do your “To Do” list!


Have you lost that vitally important letter?  Do you need help with household budgeting or accounts?  Is your home so full of useless stuff that you don’t know where to start looking?
Then our Home Office and De-Cluttering Service can help you with all of these difficulties.

There is nothing worse than mislaying something that you need.  You know it will probably turn up eventually but you actually need it now!  Helping Hands can make sure that this doesn’t happen in the future by, with your guidance, ensuring that everything has a place in your home and isn’t just shoved into the nearest drawer.

How did they accumulate so much

To this end we offer:-

Assistance with Home Office
Budgeting & Accounts

Assistance with Home Office

“Ally came to sort everything out, brought her own shredder and stapler and spent about five hours with us.  The years of accumulated paperwork, bills, brochures etc has now been cut by   and fits nicely into a well-labelled small filing cabinet.  She even found some Share Certificates we had forgotten about.  Ally was proficient, friendly and discreet and gave the impression that she was very capable at everything she turned her hand to.” Brian and Doris

“I would like to thank Ally from Helping Hands for composing and printing out a Thank You letter to Her Majesty, The Queen at very short notice.  It was in the post within three hours of my phone call to them.” Sam

Budgeting and Accounts

“I can’t believe what a difference Ally has made to my business.  After getting order from chaos she now comes to me once a month to sort out my basic book-keeping and has saved me a lot of money.”  Paula


 “Over 8 sessions Ally helped me to de-clutter throughout my house in readiness for moving to a smaller property.  Possibly the most important thing she offered was firmness!” Maria

“I'm am also using their other services with Dominic helping to clear out and clean my attic and Ally filing all my paperwork. Long hard jobs, very well done.”  Nicky

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The list is limited only by your imagination!
As long as it's legal, moral and ethical, we will do it.

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We’ll do your “To Do” list!

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