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Are you worried that an elderly friend or relative is not coping?  Are you a carer that needs support?  Do you have needs that other agencies cannot help you with?  Then just ask us and we will endeavour to help you.

Most of us who are either in a caring role or in need of some sort of support have felt that we need more help than seems to be on offer through the different organisations around us.  You may feel that you have a really odd request and just don’t know who to ask.  Well ask Helping Hands, we have had some very unusual requests in our time and no job is too small.

Hope she likes broad beans!

To this end we offer:-

Respite Care for Carers
Unusual Request


“Ally and Dom came into our lives at a particularly trying time in November 2010.  My mother – now 86 years old, very poorly sighted and becoming less able physically – had just suffered the appalling shock of discovering that her beloved and trusted help of many years had been systematically removing considerable sums of money from her bank account for nearly a year. It was a bitter blow and, on a practical level, created a real crisis in finding reliable, honest, compassionate and effective care for her at very short notice.

Miraculously, we found all of this and more in this husband and wife team. They are thoughtful, companionable, utterly dependable and can – and do - turn their hands to anything that needs doing from cooking to painting, from creating a productive vegetable patch to keeping an eye on her appointments as well as ensuring that all the every day household tasks  are up to scratch. Ally’s nursing experience is invaluable, Dom’s kindly presence always reassuring.

Ally, Dom and their infinite care have made it possible for my Mum to stay in the home she and my father loved so much with friends and family able to visit and life to continue, as far as possible, as it always has. Her life is immeasurably better for their being in it; knowing that we have them to count on is a boon beyond price for my brother and I as we both live a considerable distance from her.” Name withheld

Respite for Carers

I would like to thank you for coming to my rescue at such short notice to allow me attend my reunion. I didn’t realise how much I needed a break away. My wife really enjoyed Ally’s company too and we shall definitely be using your services again.”  Alan

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I saw the Helping Hands information yesterday and, at extremely short notice, spent the whole morning with Ally who, as a nurse, stood in for my usual carer and we ended up together for the whole morning. What a gem! A really down to earth lady. She took excellent care of me and I can’t believe my luck in finding her. I asked for one hour, possibly a little more, and it ended up being the whole morning at the hospital. A HUGE thank you to Helping Hands for coming to my rescue.“ Jude

“Due to a quite severe disability, I am unable to organise my home or lifestyle. Ally has now come into my life and taught me so many things to help me to sort out my home and family. I feel much more confident with the various domestic chores and I know that my confidence can only increase with Ally's continual support. A big thank you to Dom as well, for helping with the more practical things such as DIY etc.”   Emily

Unusual Requests

“Ally has been visiting my father in his nursing home twice a week since early 2013 as I live quite a distance away.  Basically she provides companionship as he was getting very lonely.  She is conversant with current affairs as is my father so he really looks forward to their time together, putting the world to rights!  They also do crosswords and play Scrabble, chess etc.  Most weeks she does a little shopping for him as well.  She is totally reliable, very honest and empathetic.  She really seems to understand his problems and helps him in any way she can.  Worth every penny I pay just to know that Dad is enjoying life again.”   Alan

“A big thank you to Dominic and Ally for helping me last Christmas.  I have severe MS and because of Helping Hands, for the first time in years, I was able to buy and send wrapped Christmas presents and cards.  Dominic brought his lap-top and helped me order on-line then Ally came and wrapped them and wrote out Christmas Cards.  I will definitely use this service every year now.”   Cliff

“Thank you for looking after my brothers bike for me until Christmas as I had no-where to hide it.  He really loves it.  Thank you.”  (From a young girl who had bought her brother a second-hand bike. -
We didn’t charge her!)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Helping Hands for helping me pack up prior to my move and then helping me unpack now I am here.  Ally helped me de-clutter a few weeks ago as I have down-sized considerably and they both did the packing and unpacking.  So important for someone in a wheelchair to know that there is still help available if you know where to look.”   Graham

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The list is limited only by your imagination!
As long as it's legal, moral and ethical, we will do it.

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We’ll do your “To Do” list!

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